Perseloutre & Arthes

This story came slowly and painfully to the world but I’m proud of it ! I had the idea of rewriting the myth of Persephone and Hades with Liloutre and Arthur in 2020. I’ve scanned the storyboard sketches at the end of 2021. And I’ve finished the entire comic in October 2023… Well, in between, I felt down (2020-2021, COVID era), I made my website (end of 2021-first half of 2022) and right after that, I’ve spent one year on « the Mice of Dumpler ». Everytime I tried to get this comic done, I didn’t liked my old sketches anymore and I had to start them over.

At the beginning, I wanted to make it in watercolors but the I thought it could be a good opportunity to experience and learn how to use Clip Studio Paint in a better way. And 10 pages are long enough, I didn’t want to make it more complex.

The next comics will be shorter. I have a lot of little stories in mind, I really want to get them out of my system ^^. And I will need a little time before I’ll create something that long (well, I already have an old script which could give birth to a story with about the same amount of pages).